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Our Expertise

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Mass Civil Construction

Excavation, Concrete Paving, Underground Utilities, Structural Concrete, Tilt-Up 

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Structural Engineering

Concept Development, Loading Studies, General Arrangement Drawings, Foundation Design

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Mechanical Construction

Mechanical & Piping Construction

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Quality Control Testing

Geotechnical Soil Testing, Certified Welding Inspections, Concrete Testing and Inspection

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Pre-Cast Concrete

Bridge Columns, Catch Basins, Hard Barricades, Pre-cast Conduit Sidewalks, Parking Stops

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Emergency Response, Tank Cleaning, Trenching, Debris Removal, Potholing, 

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E.m.a.s Concrete

Engineered Material Arrest Systems, Arrestor Beds, Cellular Block System Repair.

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Project Management

 Pre-Budget, Cost Controls, Construction Management, Site Reporting, Consulting.

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Dismantling Demolition

Dismantlement, Plant Closures, Asset Recovery, Recycling, Project Planning, Turnarounds.

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