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Construction Site Pipes

Our objective is to exceed the expectations of regulators, customers, and our own internal standards. Beyond compliance is where we set the bar, we are committed to continuous improvement across all critical areas of business.


The Origination

Epic Industries was strategically planned before launch. We not only wanted to build a company with unmatched performance, but a corporation that would service specialty and elite clients such as: Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical, Power and Utilities, Renewables, Industrial Gas, Manufacturing and municipality infrastructure. 

What We Stand For


Like our well-planned origination, we wanted a name that aligned with our values. The meaning of the name " Epic "  One derived from ancient tradition, narrating the deeds of heroic or legendary figures. Our entire organization from field to corporate, follow by the (Epic culture) at work and in home life. We believe in executing our clients' projects with quality and honest work, while providing prices with-in budget. 

What We Do

Epic Industries Performs the most Complex Construction Projects and developments, such as nationwide technology infrastructure, aerospace, underground community infrastructure, specialized deep foundations and mass civil services. 

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